Cyber Security Insurance


Cyber Security Insurance

Does your organization collect credit card information for sales, maintain a data base of personal information of clients or for lead generation? As our world is connected  and with new threats to computer systems and data emerging every day, it pays to be prepared. Even if your business or organization has taken steps to maintain the security of your data, you may not be keeping up with today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. At United Insurance Agency, we can customize Cyber Security Insurance coverage that is right for your organization.

We can customize a Cyber Security Insurance coverage that’s right for your organization or business.



  • Broad Cyber Security Insurance coverage customized to fit your business needs
  • For small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies and every organization in between—including financial institutions and nonprofits
  • Available as standalone policy or as a part of the management liability
  • Provides the essential coverage related to cyber threats
  • Specifically customized to protect small businesses from the most common cyber risks. 


Technology companies

  • Broad Cyber Security Insurance coverage meeting the complex needs of technology companies
  • Includes errors and omissions coverage
  • Available as part of a package or as a standalone policy


Public Entities

  • Broad Cyber Security Insurance coverage to meet the needs of public entities
  • Suitable for municipalities and counties, utilities, transit authorities, American Indian nations and        other organizations in the public sector


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